Winter's Eve

The story so far

The heroes have fought off an invading goblin and trog horde led by Morkoth, a Fomorian king.
As Morkoth died he warned the hero’s that his death wasn’t the end, and that his children would avenge him. The heroes were tasked with entering the Feydark to seek out Morkoth’s kingdom and put an end to it.
In the Feydark the heroes saved a group of deep gnomes, led by Frug, who led them to the hidden gnome city of Haven. Finutar, King of the deep gnomes, distrusted the heroes and had them locked in the great hall. Frug snuck the heroes out of the hall that night to allow them to carry out their mission against one of Morkoth’s most important weapon crafters, thus proving their loyalty and trustworthiness to King Finutar.
Upon their return to Haven the heroes found that it had been attacked in their absence, but the tenacious gnomes had managed to fend off their attackers. King Finutar had proven himself to be unfit to rule, and thus stepped down and promoted Frug to King.
With their new friends in a source of power, the heroes prepared to assault Morkoth Keep.
The hero’s snuck into Morkoth Keep through the sewer system, and made their way to the throne hall. Morkoth’s son and daughter were waiting for the heroes with an ambush, and although they were both killed in the fight, the heroes were captured.
While in captivity Susan was tortured and killed by the resident psychopath/torturer, the new ruler of Morkoth Keep.
A new prisoner was tossed into a nearby cell, and the heroes with their new temporary ally, escaped their cells to exact their revenge.


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